The Horse’s 2013 ‘Tantalizing Tuesdays” Chef’s Table Schedule


The third year of the Horse’s popular chef’s table event – Tantalizing Tuesdays – was another sell-out success with culinary visits to regions of Tunisia, Bavaria and Burma, and even Montana with our Taste of the Wild. The challenge of distilling a culture’s entire culinary identity into 6 signature dishes fell into the capable hands of sous chef, Kyle Dean, previously of Kandahar Lodge.

Working closely with Chef Kathleen, Dean met the challenge  each Tuesday- sometimes easily, and sometimes not – as when the Columbia River Sturgeon failed to arrive hours before dinner and a scramble to local fish mongers secured halibut – delivered just minutes before guests arrived.

The food, albeit caringly prepared and beautifully presented by Dean and Moon, was only half of the bi-weekly foodie event. Working closely with Annie of Rocky Mountain Wine Distributors, Moon selected 5 wines each week to accompany the dishes. Although mostly obscure vintages (Moon requires that wines presented cannot be found at you local grocers or at CostCo) the wines selected represented some of the most delicious representations of their particular terroirs.  Two truly memorable pours included Chris Gorman‘s Zachary’s Ladder out of Washington State , and  Domaine Saint Nicolet Cotes de Rhone from France.

2013’s Tantalizing Tuesdays begins with a visit to Santiago, Chile on June 25th.  Chef Kate will be cooking at an intimate fishing lodge in Patagonia for the winter season and is looking forward to bringing home some delicious new additions to the summer offerings at the Horse.  The balance of the Tuesday Chef’s Tables are:  July 9th – Naples Italy; July 23rd – Korean Peninsula; August 13th – Ethiopia; August 27th- Loire Valley and September 10th –  A Tantalizing Taste of Montana.

Each dinner will include 5 personally selected wines to compliment the dishes presented.

The tastings are limited to 32 foodies, and secured reservations are a must.  To secure your table, please call Kathleen at 406-886-2080, or email her at  $139 per couple or $70 per person, and $45 for non-drinking designated drivers.



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